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SEPOC 2021

The 13th Seminar on Power Electronics and Control will take place in Santa Maria, RS, from 15 to 18 May, 2021. In this year, it is organized by the IEEE Student Branch Chapters from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM). The seminar’s objective is to provide interaction among academia and industry to discuss the …


Short-Circuit Analysis in EPS – three-phase and single-phase ground

One of the most important analysis in the power systems field is the short-circuit analysis. A short-circuit can be single-phase ground, three-phase, double-phase or double-phase ground. Independent of the type of fault, the impacts in the system may lead to several problems. To realize studies and analysis of short-circuit is necessary to understand the behavior and …


First modules IEEE UFSM Student Branch and Chapters divulgation

Summary: Presentation of IEEE UFSM SB and IEEE PES UFSM Chapter activities for engineering students. Objectives: Presentation of the IEEE UFSM Student Branch and Chapters for Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering; Presentation of activities developed by both; Dissemination of PES Chapter future activities (workshop, technical visits and projects). Present the benefits of being an IEEE …

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